Thursday, July 06, 2006

Questions for Portrait--IMPORTANT!!

plz integrate our ideas & questions on weeekend and we will discuss them on Mon

by Yuchen

backgroud Q
1. gender,age,job(how long) ,country(city,area)
2. which part(body,face) most important to you?
3. how often do you come to LES??For what?
4. self-portrait

1. Which shop/restaurant do you recommand in LES or go there usually?
2. what your favorite shop/restaurant in LES?
3. What's the most different thing from other areas of manhatton?
4. For you,how do you descripe LES as a (fruit, --> pick two )
5. memoriable about LES
6. Is anything deficient in LES??What will you "add" in LES?


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