Monday, July 17, 2006

ideas about LES problem solving -yuchen

by yuchen

Urban Regeneration
I think the advantage of LES is multiple culture so that I wanna keep it.
For this reason,it should be planed to be a sightseeing spot & a historic tour place.
first impression is important for being such a place so more shops & clean street are necessary.

More Shops(we don't need to consider about the rent problem,right?)
We can generally gather the same cultural shop together (one area is jewish,one is chinese ,one is italian)
but just majority cuz if everything is the same in an area ,it will be boring and no multiple character.

Clean Street
I wanna chang the "color" of LES,the buildings ,the shops ,the side walk there their tone toward darkness.
it makes people feel shor of spirit so I wanna chang it to bright & warm color but base on the tranditional tone(we can use light or other skill to change it)
of course TRASH is also another problem,we can use beautiful or stylish trash cans desighed by local artists.


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