Sunday, July 23, 2006

Final Project by Hiro

Our team visited the LES many times and interviewed people who live there. They each have different hopes to improve LES. For example, the cleaning the LES, the increasing businesses and restaurants, and the reducing the rent of an apartment. I develop an idea about the cleaning. I propose to make the creative trash cans and put it in many places in the LES. They can be ones with the graffiti, the LED which I saw at G.R.L in design class, and the unique shape and colors which represent the nature of the LES.

I stress that it will solve the problem of cleaning the LES. First, many trash cans prevent people from throwing away the trashes on the street and it also cause the pigeon not to gather and defecate in the LES. Second, the beautiful trash cans make people feel that they have to keep the city clean. Third, the unique trash cans attract many people living in the outside of the LES and also the tourists, and it possibly develops the business and the restaurants.

Where is it and how does this relate to my idea? There are wide streets with a big footpath in the middle. There, you can see not only the benches and the trees but also the homeless people and the garbage. If you put the creative trash cans of the unique shape there, the footpath would be clean and beautiful like a park and attract many drivers passing through it. In addition, if you put the creative trash cans with bright colors on the narrow streets, it would change the quiet and dirty images to splendid and clean ones. If you put the creative trash cans with LED in the park and the basketball coat, they would change them to safer places and many children would use them. It might develop a big community in each area in the LES.

Who is there or who will use it? What is their behavior or thoughts and how do they relate to your idea? There are different races and most of them live there for a long time and love the LES and emphasize their close community and traditions. When I interviewed people who live there, I thought that although they each had some hopes to improve the LES, they were conservative and passive. Therefore, I want them to make the creative trash cans by themselves because it makes them become positive and confident. They must try to keep the streets clean if they make them by themselves. The spirit must become known to the outside of the LES and it also causes the business and the restaurants to develop.

What similar things have been done before? What can you learn from it (good and bad)? Although most people think Harlem is a dangerous place, it has become changed in recent years. The clean and sophisticated boutiques have been built and some designers and artists start to move to Harlem. It teaches me that the art has lots of possibilities to change the environment and the people better. The creative trash cans have both the artistic and the functional advantages. The artistic advantages might be unnecessary, however it dramatically influence many people—they can feel relax, happy, and energetic. Although they are small, they have a strong power as much as the boutiques have.


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