Tuesday, July 25, 2006

desigh problem

Our team visited the LES many times and interviewed people who live there. Most of them mentioned about the environment, especially the problems of trash. For example, there are not enough trashcans for businesses, restaurants, and passengers, homeless people seek what they need from the garbage. The result is that trash is everywhere on the streets and that causes dirty and bad smell in LES. Therefore our team made up our mind to solve these problems.

First, several size trashcans, the big ones for restaurants and small ones for passengers, prevent people from throwing away the trashes on the streets. Second, trash cans with keys make homeless people not to open them. Third, we can invite artists or inhabitants to design the creative and unique trash cans for LES and we believe that project will make the environment look more beautiful and people feel that they have to keep the city clean. For instance, they can be with graffiti, LED, and unique shape and colors. The creative trash cans have both the artistic and the functional advantages. The artistic advantages might be unnecessary, however it dramatically influence many people—they can feel relax, happy, and energetic. Although they are small, they have a strong power as much as the boutiques have.

Moreover, the big trash cans will set in certain place and restaurants in that area will share it together.They can not throw their garbage on the streets if they do it they will be fined.Small trash cans on the streets are set for passengers ,beside them,business and restaurants can’t put their trash into them.


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