Monday, July 17, 2006

Amy's Idea..

1. keep the old tenement buildings.
Intead of tear-down all old tenement buildings keep the old ones and just change the inside. For ex, make two rooms into a one room or renovate the inside to make it more convenience to live.

2. decreasing the rent..
It seems like it is impossible but if we can find any kind of solution to decrease the rent that would be good. decrease the rent so make the old small shops to open again. To make the old shops reopen, they don't have to move to another place anymore.

3. pigeon.
I know that is little inapporpriate but i still like the pigenon idea. i think it is not boring but unique idea. it is also easy to design a creative design. Basically we have to have a design solution anyway.. like a creative trash can.
it would be cool if we design something to make the pigeons away..

ACTUALLY i dont know what i am talking about...:(


Blogger yu-chen said...

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10:45 PM  
Blogger yu-chen said...

maybe we can find what the pigeon's natural enemy is

10:47 PM  

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